Troye Sivan’s Gloomy Pop Is Grown Up On “WILD” (Tracklist, Trailer)


Oh, it’s been a while.

I didn’t know what would bring me back to this blog but Troye Sivan just made his new EP available to pre-order and simultaneously dropped a mysterious and seriously grown trailer that I just had to write about.

For those living in the dark, Troye is a singer-songwriter whose debut EP TRXYE propelled his status from YouTuber to credible musician upon release in August 2014.

Five original songs composed and written by the 20-year-old, he sounded at home in the gloomy corner of pop with big vocals, lots of emotion and huge choruses. It was a genuinely great pop debut, with promises of only bigger and better things to come.

Today, one year later, he’s given its follow-up WILD a worldwide release date of September 4 and made the 6-track EP available to pre-order on iTunes.

  1. WILD
  2. BITE
  3. FOOLS
  4. EASE (ft. Broods)
  6. DKLA (ft. Tkay Maidza)

Also, to accompany the announcement, Troye has uploaded a trailer of three upcoming music videos to his YouTube channel (obvi) entitled ‘BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD.’ (THREE?! Yes, three.)

From the opening shot it is evident that the visuals of the next era are on a much larger scale than that of Happy Little Pill, the only song from TRXYE to receive a video.

The trailer follows the relationship of two best friends through adolescence, where their bond seemingly elevates from “best friends” to lovers. Is that a sex scene? Is Troye about to give us a three-part “We Found Love”-esque masterpiece?

Pre-order WILD now.

September 4 can’t come quick enough.


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