Paris Hilton Saves Pop Music Once Again With “High Off My Love”


Once a year Paris Hilton drops a song that shakes the music industry and single-handedly saves pop music from plunging into the sour depths of Meghan Trainor and Rita Ora.

She taught us how to party with “Good Time” in 2013, revived the art of iconic music videos with “Come Alive” last summer and gives newcomers An Heiress’ Guide On How To Kill It with her genre-defying new single High Off My Love.

Ibiza’s resident DJ takes listeners on a trip with her trance-trap-dance-pop anthem accompanied by her YMCMB (bitch!) boss Birdman – whose lazy and forgettable verse is nothing short of insulting to Paris’ immaculate discography – and simultaneously rewrites the rule book by combining approximately 17 genres into one song.

If you thought BEYONCÉ was a game-changer just wait until you hear this.

When it comes to Paris’ music, there are no rules. Only:

“The night is young, it’s time to kill it.”

High Off My Love will be released May 15.


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