Angelina Jolie confirms end of acting career

Angelina Jolie has just crushed my heart.

During a promotional interview with DuJour, the award-winning actress made the unexpected announcement that she “absolutely” plans to quit acting to focus on her role as director.

The 39-year-old will star in By The Sea, which she wrote and is directing, alongside her husband Brad Pitt when it is released next year and that could be her final acting role.

“I’ve never been comfortable as an actor; I’ve never loved being in front of the camera,” Jolie says. “I didn’t ever think I could direct, but I hope I’m able to have a career at it because I’m much happier.” Is the plan to give up acting entirely? She smiles. “Absolutely.”

Earlier this year, when promoting Maleficent, Jolie revealed there had been progress in the long-gestating Cleopatra and hinted that would be her last acting gig. “It’s one of those that you think maybe that’s the one you put everything into and that’s where you end it, that’s where you finish – in a great way. What could you do beyond that one?”

Sadly, whether it’s next year or after she takes Egypt, Hollywood is losing a true movie star and one of its biggest talents sometime in the near future.

Jolie’s second directorial effort Unbroken will be in UK cinemas from January 16.


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