Britney Spears will feature on Giorgio Moroder’s new album next year


Could we really be so Lucky?

After depriving fans of any new material in 2014, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears will return in 2015 with a  feature on Giorgio Moroder‘s first album in over 30 years.

Moroder’s 74 is the New 24 will be released next spring and will see the Work Bitch chanteuse lend her vocals (and perhaps her British accent?) to one of the songs.

For those unfamiliar, Giorgio is the legendary producer behind some of the biggest pop hits of all-time, including Donna Summer‘s disco anthem I Feel Love.

The album will also host collaborations with Kylie MinogueSia and Charli XCX.

Let’s pray that we get to hear the Britney song before then – preferably before the end of this year – and that it sounds something like this (below).

Thank. Gawd.

[via PopJustice]


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