Rihanna Keeps Us Waiting: Watch Her Perform “Diamonds” and “Stay” Again


The Rihanna drought is worsening each and every day as we quickly approach the two-year mark of the singer’s last album, Unapologetic, release.

Once celebrated for releasing a new album every November (she did it four years in a row from 2009-2012), the Bajan singer now spends her days favouriting her fans’ desperate tweets of thirst for new music, posting endless shots of her a$$ on badgalriri’s newly-reactivated account and generally living in a #phuckfreezone.

Until Monday, that is, when she took over the White House to announce she will be running for presidency in the 2016 US election and did her best Olivia Pope impression, as one Scandal viewer does. However, as usual, no new music came from this and instead we got another flaw-free iPhone shoot on our Instagram feeds.

Then came last night: the night when she twisted the knives in our backs more than ever before.

The Birthday Cake songstress took to the stage in Washington DC’s National Mall for Concert For Valor to perform a short set made up of entirely OLD songs.

Now, whilst I understand that an event honouring Veteran’s Day may not have not been appropriate for her to debut a new pussy-patting anthem, she is really starting to play with my heartstrings.

RiRi performed two of her biggest – and most recent – hits, delivering flawless renditions of Diamonds and Stay that showed how much her voice has grown since we were last lucky enough to hear it.

Please, Robyn, save us soon.

That Rihanna reign drought just won’t let up!


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