“Yahoo Effed Up”: Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Video Premiere


Full-time Spotify hater and New York City ambassador Taylor Swift has had quite the day! The over-the-top video for her new single, Blank Space, was premiered by Yahoo (lol) too early and had to be pulled then re-premiered and it was a very testing time.

Thankfully for everyone, the Joseph Kahn-directed video is now available to watch on the 1989 singer’s own terms.

The follow-up to Shake It Off is a much more grandiose affair, as Taylor and her new handpicked love interest horse around on a ridiculous estate that looks like it’s a backdrop from The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice. (Ultimately, however, the video is just another reminder that Taylor Swift is much richer than any of us will ever be and she is living the Republican dream.)

Overall, the second stint of Taylor’s foray into the pop world is a much better effort: the song itself is the ingenious #clapback to her man-eating reputation illustrated by the media and its video is a gloriously camp accessory that isn’t all too bad.

Taylor’s album 1989 is available on iTunes now.


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