Listen: Selena Gomez – “The Heart Wants What It Wants”

Selena Gomez‘s greatest hits album was perhaps the worst kept secret of the industry as of late but the cat is now officially out the bag.

For You will be released on November 24 to fulfil her contract with Hollywood Records, and its lead single The Heart Wants What It Wants was released today to promote the album.

The downtempo R&B ballad(?) is a departure from the pop-tastic dance on Stars Dance and ironically wouldn’t sound of of place on Justin Bieber‘s Journals.

Heart‘s lyrics detail a turbulent relationship – Jelena, duh – and stands as one of the singer’s most personal releases. Whilst it may not be her Everytime, its accompanying music video is a bold and very honest statement – and the inclusion of that conversation at the beginning felt instantly iconic.

Pre-order For You now and get The Heart Wants What It Wants instantly.


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