New Music: Iggy Azalea – “IGGY SZN” + “Beg For It” ft. MØ

Who dat, who dat?

Next month Iggy Azalea is re-releasing her debut album just six months after its initial release and today she previewed two of the brand new songs.

Beg For It is the lead single from the re-release, Reclassified, and is basically a poor man’s Fancy. The original version featured Charli XCX – who co-wrote the song – which would almost excuse the fact that it’s a less-good sequel but then Iggy went and replaced Charli with a new Danish artist (whose voice sounds almost exactly the same but without the personality) and it’s just boring.

Fortunately, IGGY SZN is a not a Xeroxed copy of a previous single and instead a club-ready banger that would have made a much better single. The Australian-but-I-rap-Texan rapper reclaims the winter season and declares “Simmer down, bitch! It’s Iggy season” on The Invisible Men‘s impeccable production.

Pre-order Reclassified – due Nov. 24 – on iTunes now for an immediate download of IGGY SZN.


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