BIG SONG: Taylor Swift – “Out Of The Woods”

The second offering from Taylor Swift‘s upcoming “exclusively pop” album 1989 may or may not be about Harry Styles but, whether it is or isn’t, it’s SO fucking good.

Whilst I have little-to-no time for Taylor’s rhythmless body or her delusional ‘Swifties’, she’s made it hard to deny her music with her newly-premiered single, the brilliant Out Of The Woods.

The 80’s-pop-inspired song was co-written with fun.‘s Jack Antonoff and it is all the better for it. Swift’s latest Dear Diary moment plays more like HAIM‘s next single as opposed to a 13-year-old American cheerleader’s Facebook status, as she sings breathlessly over crashing drums and a haunting vocal sample.

If the rest of 1989 sounds like this then I might have to put down the haterade and get down to sick beats with TS.

Listen to the single here.

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