Fergie And Gwen Stefani Are Both Releasing Music In The Next Month

Do you miss the days when every song on the radio was good back in 2006 and 2007? Well, we’re one step closer to getting back to that as both Gwen Stefani and Fergie are releasing their solo comeback singles in the next few weeks!

Both of the ladies dominated the music scene with their equally flawless solo ventures, as Gwen took a break from No Doubt and Fergie briefly parted from her Black Eyed Peas members, between 2004 and 2007 and now they are finally picking up the mic solo again.

Gwen’s solo comeback has been revealed slowly ever since she signed on to be a judge on The Voice alongside her long-time collaborator Pharrell Williams. Over the last few months we’ve found that she has worked simultaneously on her third solo album and No Doubt’s seventh album with numerous producers, including Diplo.

Although there were no exact details of when we would be hearing the new material – until now.

The first single to be released is called Baby Don’t Lie and will premiere on October 6, less than 3 weeks away(!!!). Haze Radio were lucky enough to hear the song early and tweeted saying “WOW! Gonna be big!”

EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS: It seems we won’t even be waiting that long to hear Fergie’s comeback single as it is set to make its radio debut on September 30 – less than two weeks away(!!!).

According to Billboard’s Associate Director of Charts, Gary Trust, L.A Love (La La) will be released as the first single from her second solo album that’s due out early next year.

Last year, the Fergalicious singer told Ryan Seacrest that she had written down ideas for the new material ever since her debut The Dutchess dropped back in 2006.



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