Troye Sivan Becomes Bonafide Popstar With “TRXYE”


YouTube sensation Troye Sivan became a bonafide global pop star last week when his major label debut EP, TRXYE, debuted at the top spot on iTunes in over 40 countries.

The 19-year-old singer co-wrote all 5 songs on the EP, including its hugely successful lead single Happy Little Pill. He has faced criticism for his label seemingly pushing the music and accompanying visionary as the male version of Lorde but the entire EP feels entirely authentic to me – unlike my feelings toward Lorde – and that’s not surprising to come from somebody who lived their life as an open book for the world to see on social media for so long.

In saying that, Troye has said that he uses his music to reveal a more emotional side of him that he doesn’t showcase online. He worked with a small group of songwriters and producers to capture the raw emotion of the personal stories that inspired the songs.

Last week the Jeremy Koren-directed music video for Happy Little Pill (above) debuted and it’s everything Tumblr could want: a raunchy swimming pool sex scene, empty scenes of Troye staring at things for seconds at a time and, as one YouTube user eloquently put it: “Sooo many possible gifs.”

TRXYE is available to download on iTunes now.

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