Danity Kane, Where’s the “Lemonade” Video?

If you’re not like me and haven’t been listening to the song every day since it dropped, let me refresh your memory.

Last month Danity Kane (or is “DK3” official now?) put out a new song for the summer – their first without former member Aundrea – and it is everything.

From the moment Dawn Richard opens with “Oooh, it’s hot” you know it’s a good one.

Lemonade is a full-out finger snapping, clapping and hip gyrating summer anthem with an irresistible chorus and attitude on tap. Aubrey, Dawn and Shannon even manage to have the standard 30-second rapper feature without it seeming forced or out-of-place, with Tyga making a brief appearance.

What makes the song even better is that the band’s live performances have brought its energy to life; performing it with ferocious choreography and hair flips galore, whilst making it look easy of course.

So now that we all know they can perform it well, is available (and doing well) on iTunes and their No Filter Tour is over – where is the music video?

Don’t let this one slip, girls.

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