Cheryl Cole Redeems Herself With The Amazing “Crazy Stupid Love” Video

She may have disappointed on Britain’s Got Talent but all is forgotten after watching Cheryl Cole‘s new music video.

The 30-year-old dropped the video for her new single Crazy Stupid Love on VEVO tonight, and it’s easy to see why she’s the most successful Girl Aloud.

Whilst the Colin Tilley-directed clip may look as though it has been shot for an entirely different song, we are willing to look past this because of the performance Cheryl delivers.

She looks insanely gorgeous in the glossy visual, which is typically dance-heavy for Chezza. The brilliant choreography is exactly what we’ve came to expect from the singer and she absolutely kills it. The Tinie Tempah appearance is still a little awkward but there’s plenty to compensate.

The most important sequence of the video unleashes itself ever-so-quickly at 1:31, when Cheryl creates the bitchy accidental booty clap. To quote the Tumblr generation: your favs could never.

When it comes to videos, Cheryl knows how to do it best. No matter what song she releases, she always saves it.

Crazy Stupid Love will be released on UK iTunes on July 20.

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