Azealia Banks Announces “Wallace”: The Official Lead Single From Her Long-Awaited Debut Album

For many people Azealia Banks may be a distant memory of celebrity Twitter arguments and rapping along to 212 word-perfect then immediately after making sure everybody knew that you knew it.

While her former rivals Iggy Azalea and Lily Allen released their albums to equally decent reviews and performance, Banks’ debut album Broke With Expensive Taste encountered countless delays over the past two years and her outspoken personality overshadowed her talent.

However, things may be about to change. The 23-year-old has announced her brand new single Wallace and confirmed that its music video has already been filmed as she shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram yesterday (below), in which she appears healthy and happy.

The rapper shared some of the track’s lyrics on Twitter today, “What What Up, Rottweriler? I might take ya to it, get ready / Hot lava, hot lava, hot high lady lucid, the city.”

In the past Azealia has made many big statements about her music that have subsequently became broken promises, although this time she has been revealing the details slowly and surely. Could this finally be her time? She sure seems ready.

There is no release date for the single yet but we wouldn’t be surprised if she posted it online without prior notice.



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