Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea Break US iTunes Record With “Problem”


Okay, so we are officially obsessed with this song – and apparently we’re not the only ones.

After debuting the song with a sassy performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards on Sunday, Ariana Grande released her new single “Problem” on iTunes and it didn’t take long for it to break a record.

Problem” became the quickest song to hit #1 on the US iTunes chart as it managed to do so in just 37 minutes.

We’re not surprised, though. The track is ridiculously infectious with its incredible pre-chorus, sensual whispers courtesy of Big Sean, the groovy saxophones and Iggy Azalea‘s super sassy verse.

Ariana was clearly just warming up with her debut “Yours Truly” last year as she is taking everything to the next level with this new era.

Consider “Problem” our song of the week, month, summer and potentially the year. Get back to me in December on that last one, though.

We only have one thing to ask Ariana: PUT THE SONG ON UK iTUNES.


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