Madonna’s New Aviici-Produced Single “Rebel Heart” May Or May Not Leak Tonight


Madonna has been dropping hints about her new music non-stop on Instagram recently, speaking of #rebelhearts whether she’s cleaning the bathroom or being proud of her children.

So it didn’t come as much of a surprise tonight when I saw that the Queen of Pop’s new single could be just hours away from being released. A suspicious Twitter account (@RebelHeartLeak) has stated that it has Madge’s new single “Rebel Heart” and will leak the song, beginning with a 10-second clip once it reaches 300 followers.

The account claims that the track is a “mid-tempo song with pulsating electronic beats, ambient trance, and an underlying melody influenced by guitar…” produced by Swedish DJ Aviici – and, as we know, the pop icon was locked in the studio with the “Wake Me Up” hit maker last month.

The account uploaded a low-quality 5-second snippet of the song to SoundCloud – featuring less than a second of vocals and a distorted instrumental – and was taken down just seconds later due to copyright. Now, in a very interesting turn of events, the clip was re-uploaded to SoundCloud with Madonna’s voice saying “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” at the end.

The audio used at the end is the same that was used back in 2003 when she released fake MP3 files of her “American Life” album to prevent illegal downloads. Iconic. This sounds like Madonna’s up to her old tricks and teasing the fans, so until something substantial leaks we’ll have to sit back and watch the show.

Whether the song leaks tonight or not, I guess we’re getting new Madonna music a lot sooner than expected.


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