VIDEO: Beyoncé Sizzles In “Partition”

If any other artist uploaded a music video that’s been available on iTunes for over 2 months to their VEVO account no one would probably care but, then again, they wouldn’t be Beyoncé.

Earlier today the 32-year-old confirmed recent speculation that her viral hit “Partition” has been chosen as the third single from her self-titled album, officially releasing its red-hot video online for the general public’s pleasure. If you have somehow managed to avoid this video since its release in December then I suggest you watch it now: the suggestive clip will get your heart racing as Yoncé performs a striptease like no other showgirl could.

The sensual club track is set to become yet another worldwide hit for the superstar. An immediate album stand-out, the song’s live performances have went down a treat since Queen Bey debuted the song at last Thursday’s opening of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Beyoncé” – the album – is available on iTunes now.


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