New Music: Mariah Carey Drops “You’re Mine (Eternal)” And Its Remix With Trey Songz

As she ever so humbly announced earlier this week, Mariah Carey released her new single earlier today.

The self-proclaimed diva uploaded “You’re Mine (Eternal)“, co-written by Darkchild, to her VEVO account this morning. The understated ballad sounds refreshingly effortless for the singer, whose recent offerings have occasionally felt weak or forced, and is a brilliant follow-up to her summer hit “Beautiful“.

Whilst her live vocals have been debatable recently, MiMi can still be great in the studio as her vocals are strong throughout – and, of course, the new love song closes with her iconic whistle register. If you’re a fan of the song but it left you wanting more then you can take a listen to the official R&B remix featuring Trey Songz, which offers a little more – and we personally prefer to the original.

Both versions of the single will receive a music video, with the original’s premiering tonight on MTV and the remix’s debuting this Friday on BET.

Listen to the original and the remix below, and let us know what you prefer!

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