Mariah Carey’s New Single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” Will Premiere February 12th

Earlier today, Mariah Carey released a promo video on her YouTube account to announce her brand new single “You’re Mine (Eternal)“.

The single is set to be premiere this Wednesday – February 12 – with its supporting album set to be released May 6. The now-untitled album is Mariah’s fourteenth and has become infamous for its delays and poorly-received singles but perhaps this is finally the right time.

After announcing a string of lead singles all featuring other artists the 44-year-old’s latest announcement is (thankfully) a solo effort, which can only be taken as a sign of confidence.

Things were looking positive last summer when the project was christened “The Art of Letting Go” and its Miguel-assisted lead single “Beautiful” took over radio, reaching #15 on Billboard’s Hot 100, but all good ended there when the singer announced the album was to be pushed back yet again.

Who can blame her, though? After spending 3 years making an album anyone would want to make sure it’s perfect. Last November, the Grammy Award winner told fans on a Facebook Q&A that she felt the album was shaping up to be her favourite yet which is a very big statement to make for the artist behind “The Emancipation of Mimi“.

In a time when its became difficult for singers over 40 to stay relevant and be successful, the 44-year-old self-proclaimed diva has taken matters into her own hands to remind the general public of just who Mariah Carey really is – the “Most Successful Female Artist of All Time”. The promo video (above) boasts every accolade, record-breaking achievement and title that she has been rewarded throughout her 24-year career. Whilst the ego boost is laughable, her resumé certainly is impressive; hopefully the new single lives up to the high expectations.

We’re scared to trust it but the World’s Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium seems to mean business this time around.


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