Justin Bieber Takes It Back To The Music With His “Confident” Video

After a tumultuous few weeks, Justin Bieber took some time away from disobeying the law to release the music video for his latest single “Confident“.

The lust-struck 19-year-old chases after his very own “Mona Lisa masterpiece” in Tokyo after she shoots down his witty chat-up line about some fake Cheetos. Chance The Rapper makes a cameo for his feature before JB gets the girl – what would a Justin Bieber video be without a kiss?

Whilst the “Believe” singer’s confidence has seemed more like arrogance in recent months, the release serves as a friendly reminder of his genuine talent and star power. “Confident” is one of the best songs on his 2013 LP “Journals” – an overall strong effort from the singer that proved his credibility as a singer-songwriter but was unfortunately overshadowed by his headline-grabbing antics.

Bieber has been spotted in the studio in the last week with numerous rapper such as T-Pain, perhaps for another round of #MusicMondays or perhaps he may finally be getting to work on his fourth studio album. Either way, hopefully he’s leaving his reckless and often embarrassing antics behind him.


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