Disclosure Team Up With Mary J Blige For “F For You” Remix


Disclosure have enlisted the help of the legendary Mary J. Blige to take their hit single ‘F For You‘ to the next level.

The Queen of Soul hopped onto the sibling-duo’s song in a surprise re-release of the single. When we first heard of the collaboration we were a little apprehensive due to the major contrast in the two artist’s sounds but it works brilliantly – and with 1.5 million views on YouTube in six days, we’re clearly not the only ones that think so.

The music video premiered on VEVO last week – take a look below.

Also, the boys may have a new collaboration project in the pipeline as they have also been rumoured to be working with Lorde. Adding fuel to the fire, earlier today the official BRIT Awards account on Twitter tweeted a photo of the 16-year-old singer with Disclosure’s logo photoshopped onto her face (below). Perhaps we are getting a remixed version of their debut ‘Settle‘ but with the A-list vocalists this time around. Watch this space…


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