IMPORTANT: Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI With Expired Licence


As we’re sure you have heard by now, Justin Bieber was arrested today (January 23).

Yes – today will now be remembered as the day that Bieber’s inevitable DUI arrest happened. The 19-year-old ‘Believe‘ singer was arrested in the early hours of this morning after he was found street racing under the influence and, to make matters worse, with an expired driver’s licence.

According to CNN, Justin also resisted arrest and got a little feisty with the police officers – shouting What the fuck did I do? Why did you stop me?”. Bieber reportedly admitted to having consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana and taken prescription drugs prior to driving the vehicle. He was booked into a Miami jail and spent 3 hours before being released on bail – set at the “standard” $2,500.

The arrest comes after the Canadian-born singer’s recent movie bombed at the box office and follows a chaotic 12 months of tabloid stories associating him with drug use, fights, tantrums and prostitutes.

Of course we all seen it coming but now that it has happened we just hope that today’s events serve as a wake-up call for the singer. With a legion of dedicated fans and plenty of success behind him, Bieber has too much to throw away at 19 years old – just look what happened to Lindsay Lohan.

However, there is a silver lining to this cloud – Bieber’s instantly-iconic mugshot that will sit perfectly beside Paris HiltonNicole Richie and Lohan’s.

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