Jennifer Lopez Teases New Song, “Same Girl”… And It Doesn’t Sound Too Good


Jennifer Lopez has released a 40-second clip of her new music video to tease her ever-so-loyal #LOVE?RS (her fan base, in more sensible words).

The 44-year-old is set to release her eighth studio album this year and to kick it off she is revisiting her R&B days with the first single ‘Same Girl‘.

The ‘I’m Real‘ singer was once the crossover Latin Queen of R&B and hip-hop as she dominated the Billboard charts with her iconic Ja Rule collaborations so it’s disappointing to hear that ‘Same Girl‘ is now the level of quality she’s releasing. Lopez’s vocals are noticeably weak on the track and the topic of her still being that down-to-earth chick “from the block” is very tired.

The accompanying music video is even worse as J-Lo walks around her hometown in multiple staged set-ups to show that she still “fits in” with the footage playing like it was shot on a cheap smartphone and edited on iMovie. Someone call Murder Inc, or even Pitbull if this is what we get without him.

When we know fine well that Jennifer Lopez is still capable of delivering the best goods (below), this simply isn’t good enough.

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