Lady Gaga performed “Do What U Want” with Christina Aguilera on The Voice

Following a plethora of rumours hitting the net yesterdayLady Gaga was joined by her supposed rival Christina Aguilera onstage last night to perform a duet on The Voice.

Gaga had been asked by the NBC network to perform her latest single ‘Do What U Want‘ but the singer stated she would only take to the stage if Christina would join her. Adding yet another layer to the meaningful song, the long-time “rivals” hit back at their critics with a classy and powerful performance.

The two pop megastars were both dressed in gold jumpsuits – à la Dynasty – with their famous blonde locks intact for their flirty and fun performance. Despite the singers never meeting before yesterday, the ladies evidently hit it off as they had nothing but compliments to share afterwards – and throughout, as Xtina sang the instantly-iconic line ‘Do What Ya Want With Me, What Ya Want Lady Gaga!‘.

And there you have it, folks! A classy, mature hit-back at the critics by two professional women that put their past behind them to make a stance, and without taking their clothes off or pulling some cheap stunt for a few days of controversy.

Miley had her year in 2013  – we can see 2014 bring the pop veterans back to the top.


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