Beyoncé Drops Self-Titled Fifth Album On iTunes; Saves Pop Music In 2013


Whilst we all moaned and assumed that she was in a state of artistic confusion, Beyoncé herself was busy recording 14 incredible new songs and filming 17 equally stunning music videos to release together without any prior warning given to the world.

As we’re sure you’ve heard my now – unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 16 hours – Beyoncé saved 2013 by releasing one of the most exciting pop albums earlier this morning (in the UK, that is).

Unprecedentedly, with no PR release or single release, the 32-year-old released the digital-only album ‘BEYONCÉ‘. The self-titled LP features 14 brand new songs – nope, ‘Grown Woman‘ and ‘Standing On The Sun‘ are nowhere to be found – and has been described as a “visual album”, as it includes accompanying music videos for every album track, and 3 extras.

BEYONCÉ‘ is undoubtedly the singer’s raunchiest effort to date, and features some of her best work – it’s definitely a lot more cohesive than ‘4‘. Jay ZFrank Ocean and Drake all make appearances but it’s Mrs Carter that captivates the listener/viewer throughout the entire project.

It remains unclear if she will release singles from the surprise album, but one thing that is very clear is that the world is still crazy in love with the Queen Bey. Upon the release, iTunes shut down and 80,000 copies were sold in just 3 hours in the US – to quote Beyoncé herself, “bow down bitches”.

The best part of it all? ‘BEYONCÉ‘ is just “Part 1”, which means “Part 2” could drop any time soon. We predict January at the soonest, but you never know with Queen Bey. Dropping it on the one-year anniversary of her epic Superbowl halftime show would be pretty iconic.

Download: Partition‘, ‘XO‘, ‘Pretty Hurts‘, ‘Jealous‘, ‘Drunk In Love

Our ratings below:

BEYONCE RATINGSBEYONCÉ‘ can be purchased on iTunes only, so buy it here now. Support the artist.


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