Pia Mia Drops Music Video For Debut Single “Red Love”

If you haven’t taken notice of Pia Mia before now then you’ll want to very soon.

Sure, she may have been introduced to the celebrity world as Kylie Jenner‘s best friend but (and we say this as a Kardashian fan) Pia Mia has more talent than E!’s reality household combined.

With an incredible voice and her exotic looks, the 16-year-old already has Drake and Kanye West as fans – not to mention that Madonna has supposedly chosen Pia as the new face of her clothing line Material Girl.

Until now, Pia has released a mix of covers and originals on to her SoundCloud page for free but today she dropped her first ever music video for her official debut single ‘Red Love‘.

Red Love‘ is a gorgeous, delicate ballad that showcases Pia’s impeccable vocal range and talent. The video shows the leggy blonde strolling around the desert heartbroken over her first love after going to bed with him; in other words, this guy takes her virginity in a four-poster bed in the middle of the desert and then he leaves her behind (judging by the YouTube comments, anyway).

Whether the meaning of the video is meant to be that literal or not, it’s still a nice – albeit, dramatic – introduction to Pia Mia, the singer. Check it out, below:

Red Love‘ can be downloaded on iTunes now.

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