Jamie Lynn Spears Returns With Debut Country Single, “How Could I Want More”


Jamie Lynn Spears has came out from hiding and returned with her debut single.

How Could I Want More‘ is the first single from Baby Spears’ debut album. Earlier this month, the 22-year-old gave an exclusive interview with E! Entertainment where she revealed her debut effort will be primarily country – surprisingly (but smartly) not following in the footsteps of big sister Britney, Queen of Pop.

It serves as a brilliant introduction to the adult Jamie Lynn, as her voice is the most prominent instrument on the acoustic track. Jamie Lynn fits the country mould perfectly with her Louisiana roots and blonde locks, and she’s certainly had her share of pain to gain inspiration from. As the whole world watched, Jamie Lynn went from being Nickelodeon’s sweetheart on ‘Zoey 101‘ to Hollywood’s most famous pregnant 16-year-old.

Although, she is saving the heartbreak for later as on ‘How Could I Want More‘ we hear Jamie Lynn sing about her adoration for her current fiancé Jamie Watson. ‘He’s got the kinda heart that any girl would die for / So how could I want more?‘, she croons as she walks up to the 2014 Country Music Awards stage to snatch the award for Best Female Artist out of Taylor Swift‘s hands.

How Could I Want More‘ is available on US iTunes now.


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