New Britney Song Titled “Body Ache”


It’s ridiculous that music fans finding out the name of a new Britney Spears song becomes a news story, but it really is a big deal.

Just moments ago, the 31-year-old superstar’s biggest fan site Breatheheavy confirmed that a new song from the singer’s eighth album ‘Britney Jean‘ is called ‘Body Ache‘.

The above Tweet is all of the information we have for now, but it’s pretty exciting as Spears has only revealed one non-single title to fans thus far with the William Orbit-produced song ‘Aliens‘.

The album’s lead single ‘Work Bitch‘ is set to become the Britney’s 22nd Top 10 single in the UK (as the lead artist) on Sunday. The EDM track was released on Sunday and can be bought on iTunes now.

Also, whilst you’re buying ‘Work‘ be sure to pre-order the album as well and get the beautiful second single ‘Perfume‘ – written by Britney and Sia – immediately.


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