LISTEN: Britney Spears – “Perfume”


Just moments ago, Britney Spears has debuted her new single ‘Perfume‘ on her Facebook page.

The Queen of Perfumes finally has a single titled ‘Perfume‘ – however, this song is not about the pop icon’s many fantasies and sees our favourite Louisiana girl sing about an unfaithful ex-boyfriend (K-Fed, we’re looking at you).

The stunning ballad was co-written by Sia and Spears, and will surely get people talking about the singer’s vocals – this time, for good reasons. The biggest shock factor that ‘Perfume‘ has is that it showcases Britney’s vocal ability, which is often disguised and plagued with AutoTune or faux British accents.

Whilst we love to hear Britney have fun with her voice and pretend to be British for 4 minutes at a time on dance songs like ‘Work Bitch‘ and ‘Scream & Shout‘, it’s been a while since we’ve heard her singing voice so clearly – and powerful.

Perfume‘ is the second single to be released from Spears’ upcoming eighth album ‘Britney Jean‘, out December 2 (UK).

Pre-order ‘Britney Jean‘ on iTunes and get ‘Perfume‘ straight away. Go!


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