Azealia Banks Premieres “ATM Jam” Music Video on VEVO

Sigh… Almost four months after the song received its radio premiere, ‘ATM Jam‘ finally has a video.

Premiering moments ago, the lead single from Azealia Banks‘ upcoming debut album has arrived on VEVO.

The colourful video – directed by Rony Alwin – fortunately has more personality than the song itself but doesn’t fully distract the lifelessness of the track. Also, producer Pharrell Williams fails to appear in the video.

It’s baffling that Banks’ label chose the song to be the rapper’s lead single for her upcoming debut album as she has many better songs; Azealia herself even dissed the track on Twitter last month.

ATM Jam‘ was released in the UK on September 29 and is available on iTunes now. Azealia’s first major-label release ‘Broke With Expensive Taste‘ is due out in January 2014.

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