LISTEN: Katy Perry’s New Single “Unconditionally” Leaks Early


With less than one week to go until the release, several songs from Katy Perry‘s third album ‘PRISM‘ leaked early today.

In amongst the leaked versions of ‘Ghost‘ and ‘Legendary Lovers‘ is the album’s official second single ‘Unconditionally‘. Perry revealed that the Dr. Luke-produced cut had been chosen as the follow-up to lead single ‘Roar‘ in an interview with Billboard last month, describing the song as one of her favourites from the new album.

The pop song is definitely not a ballad but its lyrics deal with the topic of love, as many great pop songs do.  ‘Unconditionally‘ is built for the radio – like most of Katy’s songs are – and will undoubtedly be another hit for the superstar.

One of our other favourites from ‘PRISM‘ so far is the vibrant ‘Birthday‘, which couldn’t have surfaced at a better time as Perry’s beau John Mayer is celebrating his 36th birthday today (Oct. 16).

PRISM‘ will be released on October 21.

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