Britney Spears Premieres “Work Bitch” Video; Remains Flawless, Keeps Her Dancing Promises

Call the police, call the governor, call whoever you need to tell – Britney is back.

Yes, we know, you may have heard they three words numerous times in the past 5 years but this time we mean Britney is back.

Britney never left the spotlight – as we all know – but her confidence and star power sure did. However, both seem to be back like never before in the new video for her new single ‘Work Bitch‘. Her sex appeal, energy and the not-that-innocent twinkle in her eye are omnipresent throughout.

After hassling director Ben Mor on Twitter for the past fortnight, the ‘Work Bitch‘ video was finally complete last night just in time for its world premiere on The CW Network tonight. Just 6 minutes later, the video has been uploaded to Spears’ official VEVO channel.


Work Bitch‘ video is easily Britney’s sexiest visual since ‘My Prerogative‘ back in 2004 as she takes on her role as the sultry sex siren, showing off her amazing body in a number of barely-there outfits and whipping her golden blonde weave in the way only Miss Spears can. It’s hard to believe she’s now a mum-of-two.

With her trusty bullwhip in hand, Britney is seen in many different settings throughout the video from the red-lighted sex dungeon to her stage in the desert. Now, although this is all well and good, the question on everybody’s lips is: how does she dance?

Well, for a start, she definitely wasn’t lying when she tweeted from the set last month saying she’d “danced her ASS off”.

She kills it. In this video, Britney is doing some of the most complex choreography she has performed since The Onyx Hotel Tour. Britney’s dancing will never be what it used to be (whether that be a result of 2004’s knee surgery or not) but it is undeniable that she hasn’t danced this good – or tried this hard – in years.

Almost every sequence features choreography, most of it taking place in the desert and in the all-black room where Britney wears the black and yellow corset we originally seen from the on-set picture. There’s an epic floor section in the desert sequence and some tight group work in the black room near the end.

Britney also manages to squeeze in some of that Vegas promo as she parties in front of a billboard promoting her upcoming two-year residency, Piece Of Me. Also, there’s an epic sequence of Britney floating in multi-coloured, shark-infested water during the middle eight – who else?

She looks absolutely gorgeous and we are so glad that she’s back doing what she does best, showing all these new pop stars how it’s truly done.

Now, we’ll shut up and let you watch it for yourself – but firstly can we just point out that the US government shut down on the same day Britney tells the world to ‘Work Bitch‘, talk about free promo!

Now, simply press play – and watch Nasty Mommy Bitch in action – below.

Buy Work Bitch‘ on iTunes now – or if you live in the UK, pre-order it here. Spears’ eighth studio album will be released December 3.


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