WATCH: Madonna’s “secretprojectrevolution” Short Film Is Released


Madonna has finally released her long-awaited secret project last night, and it’s worth watching.

The short film is co-directed by the singer and her frequent collaborator Steven Klein.

The eye-opening visual is a fight for equality and sees the singer campaign a Revolution of love. The black-and-white film is beautifully shot and employs Madonna as narrator throughout.

The well-educated and thought-provoking narrative touches on equality in every aspect – race, gender, religion, sexual preference – and will be sure to provoke.

The Queen of Pop uses dance as a metaphor to show the restraints of society and showcase the struggle and fight that so many people experience today.

Sure, there are moments of hypocricy when the global superstar attacks corporate branding and presents herself in lingerie throughout. However, the singer knows exactly who she is and understands that people may not take her stance seriously.

“I keep telling everyone I want to start a revolution, but no one is taking me seriously.
If I had black skin and an afro would you take me seriously?
If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade would you take me seriously?
If I was wearing combat gear and had an AK47 strapped to my back would you take me seriously?
Instead, I’m a woman, I’m a blonde.”

Ageism in the music industry is an awful thing and will probably be the reasoning for this project failing if it does so. In the past few years many have criticised the singer’s work and have plagued her name with ageist insults, branding her “too old” to be doing what she does.

However, this short film will not benefit Madonna if successful. Her message will benefit the people who are prosecuted and experience daily struggles in their society due to who they are. If successful, this revolution could change a whole generation of narrow-minded people.

To get involved visit and use #ArtForFreedom on social media.

No one can – or should – force anyone to do anything, but this is worth watching.

Madonna also sat down for an interview to discuss the Revolution of Love with Eddy Moretti from Vice. The interview is equally as strong as the project itself, as it allows the singer to explain the project and discuss the meaning a lot deeper – watch below.


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