Work Bitch! The First Reviews Are In…


Earlier today, a few bloggers were lucky enough to preview Britney Spears‘ brand new single ‘Work Bitch‘ before it drops on Monday (Sept. 16).

Britney is one of few artists who have made great impact with each and every lead single, and they have all went on to be iconic moments in her career. The 31-year-old has been hailed as one of pop music’s greatest innovators as her releases have often changed the sound of mainstream music at that time.

First to speak about ‘Work Bitch‘ was blogger PopJustice, who tweeted about the track upon first listen. The blog gave the track a score of 9/10 after listening to the song, and have went on to say great things about Miss Spears’ new single.

However, whilst Perez Hilton praised the track he said that the song is “ALL ABOUT the production”. Although, PopJustice disagreed by saying that “The main thing we’d disagree with in his review was the suggestion that the vocals don’t really matter because actually she seems to have having quite a bit of fun with her voice on this track.”

Perez also revealed that “Britishney” is back as she sings in the British accent birthed on her collaboration, ‘Scream & Shout‘. Bring the action!

All in all, we’re excited for the new single.

Work Bitch‘ will be released on iTunes on Tuesday, September 17.

UPDATE: Work Bitch‘ premiered last night following an early leak, and is available on worldwide iTunes (except the UK, for now).


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