Britney Co-Wrote New Single “Work Bitch” / RuPaul Sample?


It has just been confirmed that Britney‘s new single ‘Work/Werk Bitch‘ was co-written by the pop queen herself.

A songwriter and producer that A&R’s for Will.i.Am Music Group Antony Preston has revealed via Twitter that Britney has a writing credit on her brand new single. You can practically hear the screams of rejoice from the Britney Army at the news, as they went into meltdown when they found out the singer had a writing session with Sia this summer.

Work Bitch‘ is the first single to be released from the 31-year-old’s upcoming eighth studio release. Producer Preston also posted a cryptic tweet on the site about the upcoming releases, saying he is “privileged” and describing Britney’s new single as a “Game Changer”.

The single will debut on September 17 when the countdown on the singer’s website runs out, and her official Vegas residency announcement will be made.

A few days ago, drag queen/reality TV queen RuPaul tweeted Britney saying “Werk Bitch!” leaving fans wondering if he is involved in the song’s production at all. Now, tonight, one of the singer’s many fansites have posted about RuPaul being sampled on the single – claiming that you hear him say “Work bitch!” and telling Britney to ‘dance harder’, just like critics have in recent years.

Also, the same fansite tweeted that the song’s lyrics deal with Britney hitting back at those critics that have said she cannot sing or dance anymore and that the “old Britney” is dead. Although there is no confirmed source, the idea of the track is pretty realistic and it would be iconic of the ‘Toxic‘ singer to do.

What’s more, is that Britney has been tweeting up a storm recently about hitting up dancing rehearsals – the star has been spotted at dance studios 19 times within the past 30 days, reportedly.

Regardless, this era is already shaping up to be epic and we haven’t even heard one thing yet. The bitch is back.


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