REWIND: Britney’s New Single Is Actually Just Called “Werk”


Contrary to recent confirmationBritney Spears‘ new single will NOT be called ‘Werk Bitch‘ and is simply titled – as initially speculated – ‘Werk‘.

Britney’s new single is expected to drop on September 17 alongside the pop icon’s official Vegas residency announcement. With just over 12 days to go until the countdown is over, the anticipation for the ‘Womanizer‘ singer’s new era is building rapidly – with plenty of talk about her new material. Britney is set to release her eighth album this winter, with Will.i.Am serving as executive producer, and there is currently a lot of positive chat surrounding the LP.

Last night, producer Heaven Clark – who has no known affiliation to the singer – told a radio station that “Britney is about to put to rest all of that ‘Britney can’t sing’ garbage”. The same producer has also said on Twitter that Brit’s new single will be called ‘Werk‘ as opposed to the B-word version.

The PG-13  title makes much more sense as it seemed out-of-character for the ‘Toxic‘ singer to use profanity in a song title – but as Clark has never been mentioned involving Britney before we’re not sure how reliable this information is.

However, we do know that – regardless of what the song is called – when the bass drops on the new song, Britney will be telling the world to “WERK BITCH“. I mean, after all…


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