Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her New Slim Figure On The Cover of Maxim


In 2003, Christina Aguilera‘s cover issue of Maxim became the magazine’s their all-time best-selling issue. In 2007, the singer beat this record herself as she returned for her second cover issue – now, in 2013, could she do it all over again?

Just before she returns to NBC‘s The Voice, the 32-year-old has returned to her old flame Maxim magazine to appear on the cover of their October issue. The cover comes just in time as she is thrown back into the spotlight as she returns to her judging duties on The Voice and is gearing up for the release of her eighth album – which earlier this year we reported she was already in the studio working on.

In recent years, the ‘Your Body‘ singer’s weight has been the focus of many a critic and media observer, and definitely overshadowed her last musical release ‘Lotus‘. Her yo-yo diet has seen the singer being criticised unnecessarily, however she has slimmed down to her previous size and is keen to show off her svelte figure.

If she uses the promotional pedestal of The Voice correctly this time around, Christina could easily return to where she belongs – the top of the charts. She has so much musical talent and it’s about time that the focus was put back onto her material. It’s just a shame that she’s had to slim down for this to happen.

Regardless, she looks amazing – bring on the new era.





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