Miley Cyrus Performs (And Disappoints) With “We Can’t Stop” At the VMAs

At only 20 years old, Miley Cyrus should be showing signs of major potential and growth within her work – yet with everything she does she seems to be taking 2 steps back.

Last night, Cyrus performed her latest single ‘We Can’t Stop‘ at MTV’s annual Video Music Awards and went a little O.T.T with her “twerk-fest” onstage. As she arrived onstage, Miley ‘twerked’ for the crowd – as a nod to her viral twerk video from earlier this year – before actually performing her single.

The brief performance was messy, contrived and confusing as breathless Miley couldn’t even sing her own song in key as she embarrassed herself as she moved along the stage trying to shock the world. She even took over Robin Thicke‘s performance as she gyrated all over him and gave her best karaoke performance of ‘Blurred Lines‘.

Last month the 20-year-old said she was “done with twerking” as she wanted to prove her worth as a singer, so it’s naturally confusing when she performs like this with her first major awards show performance. Great promo for the world tour that she’s planning, also.

Rather than showing the world what she can do with her voice and prove her haters wrong, she disappointed fans with her trashy live act and gave her haters plenty more reasons to go against her. Sad.

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