STUDIO VERSION: Beyoncé – “Grown Woman”

I’ve lost count of how many “official studio versions” of Beyonce‘s ‘Grown Woman‘ have leaked over the past few months, but here is another one.

Yet, this time it really is the official studio version of the 31-year-old’s inevitable comeback single. ‘Grown Woman‘ first debuted back in April when it was the soundtrack to King B’s Pepsi commercial – a long 4 months ago. Since then, Bey has teased fans by adding the track to her tour setlist and releasing an official remix online.

With previous leaks, fans have been treated to having the official Mrs. Carter Show Tour edition of the track in their iTunes library. However, finally we can have the official studio version of the Timbaland-produced track.

Despite the ‘Countdown‘ singer reportedly scrapping her entire fifth album to restart the process, there are still many spectators expecting Beyoncé to release this track as the first single to her upcoming project. Also, casting calls were held earlier this week for a Beyoncé music video fuelling these rumours – however, only time will tell as the singer has demonstrated that she is not releasing a single thing until she’s happy.

For now, check out the official studio version of ‘Grown Woman‘, below!


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