Britney Hints At September Release Date For Album #8


Britney sure is teasing her fans with her new music this time around.

After saying that fans will hear her new material “sooner than you think”, Miss Spears has just posted a photo on her social networking profiles that is hinting at a September release for her new album.

It is assumed that the scrapbook-esque photo is fan-made, but it may be a marketing ploy from the ‘Circus‘ singer’s team. Regardless, there must be some truth to the photo as the 31-year-old commented “Bingo!” along with the post.

The photo describes the elements that will make up Brit’s eighth studio album, containing a piece from the icon’s previous seven records. In the photo, entitled “Album 8 Recipe”, it says “Total time: 1 and 1/2 a year” and then “Wait about a year” which means that the record should be expected about 2 and a half years after Brit’s last project.

Britney’s seventh studio album ‘Femme Fatale‘ was released in March 2011, meaning that its follow-up could be released from September onwards. Whether that is the single or album, it’s something.

What do you think? Will Britney’s new music be released that soon?

One response to “Britney Hints At September Release Date For Album #8

  1. Don’t think we will get an album until November or December. With miley in september, katy perry in october…her people are best waiting until the holiday season to get a good start.

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