Ariana Grande Changes “Yours Truly” Artwork Following Criticism


Earlier this week Ariana Grande released a photo promoting her upcoming debut album ‘Yours Truly‘ and it was taken by fans and bloggers alike as the album cover.


However, after heavy criticism of the promotional photo, the 20-year-old singer took to her Instagram account this morning to reveal the official album artwork. The new album cover is much more conservative and Nickelodeon-friendly, but it’s clear that the photo comes from a previous shoot. Critics slammed the original cover, which saw the ‘Baby I‘ singer sitting in a corset and stockings on a bed of roses (above).

Personally, I didn’t see the issue with the original artwork anyway. Grande is growing into an adult and is, inevitably, going to begin experimenting with her look – at her age, Britney had begun her transition from schoolgirl to sex siren with ‘Slave 4 U‘. Sure, it was a – slightly uncomfortable – departure from her usual squeaky-clean image, but her image change is bound to happen. Regardless, the new album cover is safe and conventional but if it stops people hating on her for now, her team will cave.

Side note: I feel that in maybe 5 or 6 years we will watch an interview where Ariana states how unhappy she was at this point of her career. I mean, the Nickelodeon roster’s control must be quite frustrating for a 20-year-old.

Yours Truly‘ hits UK stores on September 2.

What do you think? Do you prefer the new or old artwork?


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