Katy Perry’s New Single “ROAR” Premiering August 9

Katy Perry has taken her time with her new material, but it seems she is ready to take the world’s music charts by storm once again.

Perry’s second album ‘Teenage Dream‘ delivered 7 US #1 singles in total including the re-release’s singles, and we won’t be surprised if the singer’s next album will enjoy a similar success.

A few days ago, we reported that the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Teenage Dream‘ is entitled ‘PRISM‘ after a gold truck was spotted driving around L.A to announce the news. Now, it has been revealed that the collection’s first single ‘ROAR‘ will debut via radio on August 9th.

The single will then be made available to purchase on iTunes on August 13, before ‘PRISM‘ is released in the US and Canada on October 22. ‘PRISM‘ will then be released to the rest of the world on October 27 under Capitol Records.

Katy dominated music charts all around the world with her second album so it will be very interesting to see how her new music fares in comparison. Especially when Lady GaGa‘s new single ‘Applause‘ drops just 10 days after ‘ROAR‘ makes its debut. However, Perry seems confident in her new material as she revealed during a GMA interview that her third album has shaped up to be a more grown-up ‘Teenage Dream‘ – therefore, she’s coming back for gold.

Despite the first half of 2013 proving rather dull for pop music, all of the stars seem to be bringing their A game for the second half of the year!


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