Katy Perry Announces New Album “Prism” (Kinda)

So, right now as I type this there is an enormous gold truck driving around L.A seemingly announcing Katy Perry‘s new album.

The beautiful eyesore reads “KATY PERRY . PRISM . 10.22.13” and has sent Perry’s fans into a frenzy after this photo made its way onto the Internet. The ‘Part Of Me‘ singer has kept quiet on social media so far but she’ll have to comment sooner or later on the moving statement driving down Boulevard.

Katy has been working on her third album for the past year, the follow-up to her majorly successful second album ‘Teenage Dream‘ that spawned the record-breaking 5 #1 Billboard hits – such as ‘California Gurls‘ and ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)‘.

Following her public divorce with Russell Brand, Perry commented that her music will inevitably turn darker. However, recently she has been loved up on-and-off with ladies man John Mayer so who knows what she’ll deliver sonically this time around.

Time will tell…

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