Selena Gomez Debuts Sexy “Slow Down” Music Video

Fresh from her new album leaking, Selena Gomez‘ new music video for her second single ‘Slow Down‘ has also leaked just a few hours ago.

The music video – set in Paris – is, without a doubt, the 20-year-old’s most mature effort yet as the majority takes place inside a nightclub. However, the video is a tad boring and doesn’t really go anywhere – until the 2:08 mark, that is. Gomez breaks into a bit of group choreography in a blue-lit room, but sadly this is the briefest section of the video and doesn’t last long.

The video for Selena’s previous single ‘Come & Get It‘ is definitely superior, as the new video seems rushed and lazy at times but overall it isn’t a bad video. ‘Come & Get It‘ has been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award as ‘Best Pop Video’ – Congrats, Selena!

Check out the video for The Cataracs-produced hit ‘Slow Down‘, below:

Slow Down‘ is available to pre-order alongside Selena’s debut solo album ‘Stars Dance‘ now. The album is released in the U.K on July 22, next week. The video for ‘Slow Down‘ will be updated as soon as the official version is uploaded to VEVO.


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