Lady GaGa Returns / Announces “ARTPOP” Release Dates


Lady GaGa has been M.I.A for the majority of this year due to her undergoing hip surgery, but she is finally ready to release her hotly-anticipated third album ‘ARTPOP‘.

ARTPOP‘ has been in the making since the 27-year-old singer wrapped up her ‘Born This Way‘ album, as she revealed she was already writing for the next project during ‘Born This Way‘ promotion. Although, due to the length of the album’s supporting world tour and her surgery earlier this year production came to a halt.

Details of the project have been kept to a minimum until now, with fans only being aware of some producers that the singer has collaborated with on the new material. However, the ‘Bad Romance‘ took to her official FaceBook page to debut her new look and to reveal some very important dates. The simplicity of the new photo is refreshing for the usually over-the-top singer; it seems she is cleansing her image to start afresh with this new era, and the re-inroduction could be just exactly what she needs.


The album’s yet-untitled lead single will premiere on August 19. It is unknown whether the song’s accompanying music video will see its debut on the same date, but some fans are spectating that the video will drop on September 1 – the same date that the album is made available for pre-order. The album will then be released worldwide on November 11.

Lady GaGa’s hiatus has also benefitted her marketing team, as the release of her upcoming album will be accompanied by a mobile phone app that “combines music, art, fashion and technology with a new interactive worldwide community — ‘the auras.'” The app will be made available to pre-order and will be released on the same dates as the album itself.

The multimedia vision of ‘ARTPOP‘ gives the album the potential to have one of the most exciting releases of all time, if executed correctly. Hopefully, the material itself will be good enough for GaGa to win over fans that lost her somewhere throughout the preaching of ‘Born This Way‘ – like myself.

GaGa has worked with her frequent collaborators on the new record, such as RedOneFernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow, but has also collaborated with Zedd and Madeon. Although, following a “homophobic” tweet made by the producer last week, many are claiming that the singer has cut ties with Zedd. This wouldn’t be unlike the singer as she unprecedentedly cut all ties with her long-time choreographer and creative director Laurieann Gibson. It will also be interesting to see how her vision is expressed without the help of Gibson, as this will be her first project not to have any involvement from the 44-year-old.

Rejuvenated, Lady GaGa is about to take over once again – and it seems that the world is more than ready.

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