NEW SONG: Robin Thicke – “Go Stupid 4 U”

As his single ‘Blurred Lines‘ climbs back to the top of the UK charts, Robin Thicke has debuted a new song entitled ‘Go Stupid 4 U‘ as he unveils his new album track-by-track.

Lifted from Thicke’s sixth studio album ‘Blurred Lines‘, ‘Go Stupid 4 U‘ has made its debut on the day of the album’s European release. The R&B singer uses his trusty falsetto on the flirty guitar-driven track, which marries live instruments and electro beats perfectly.

Thicke has certainly raised the bar with his new material and it seems that his sixth studio effort is not a “singles record”, as every track debuted is just as good as the one prior. Check out ‘Go Stupid 4 U‘ below…

Blurred Lines‘ – the album – is available now in the U.K and France, and will be released in the U.S on July 30.

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