WATCH: M.I.A Releases Unreleased Documentary Trailer


“I could be a genius… I could be a cheat. It’s a fine line and I’m fuckin’ with it.”

Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A has never been one to shy away from controversy with her artistic statements and actions, but her story is yet to be told.

However, it seems that this was the plan last year as the 37-year-old rapper made a revealing documentary depicting her fascinating life story with Steve Loveridge last year. Although, according to M.I.A the documentary has been blacklisted by her record label Interscope and management Roc Nation. Disappointing.

It’s shocking that such an explosive documentary could be blacklisted when even the 5-minute trailer is gripping. The ‘Bad Girls‘ rapper has a story worth telling, and for too long her art has been compromised and restricted due to what labels and managers have been telling her what to do – which is exactly what the rapper goes against.

Filmmaker Loveridge revealed via his official Tumblr page that this documentary has been in the making for a long time, and that him and M.I.A have repeatedly been given false hope with regards to its release. It’s shocking that the rapper’s label and management have allowed for her to be set up as the public’s #1 enemy in the past but when she wants to let her guard down, and open up about her story, they shelve it.

In protest, the rapper and filmmaker uploaded a teaser for the unreleased documentary (starring Kanye West) to the public to make people aware of the fight they are having to put up.

“I get an email every few weeks from Rocnation or Interscope saying it’s all going to start up again, but then nothing.

This was a teaser from 2012 to show Interscope what the film would feel like.

Reblog the shit out of this and maybe they’ll wake up…”

The rapper is currently putting the finishing touches to her fourth studio album ‘Matangi‘, which she has also experienced trouble with. Upon handing the album in to her label in its entirety last year, Interscope Records turned the record away saying it wasn’t dark enough. In other words, it wouldn’t stir up the controversy her previous work has. Although, when M.I.A is controversial it is genuine and uncontrived but her label ordered it from her purely to set her up as the public’s #1 enemy yet again.

It’s sad. M.I.A stands for freedom – freedom of speech, actions, democracy – yet her own record company that make money from her will not even allow her this. Spread the word and maybe one day this documentary will see the light of day!

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