LISTEN: Ellie Goulding Debuts New Songs “Burn” & “You, My Everything”


Fresh from the success of her Calvin Harris collaboration ‘I Need Your Love‘, British songbird Ellie Goulding has debuted a brand new electro-pop single ‘Burn‘.

The pop track flirts with the EDM genre while staying true to Ellie’s original sound. The 26-year-old ‘s flawless vocals shine on the song, which is set to be released on 18 August in the UK.

The single’s release will precede the re-release of Ellie’s second album ‘Halcyon‘. In an interview with ELLE Magazine just 3 days ago (July 2), Goulding revealed that the album will be re-released later in the year “with many new songs”. It is thought that one of the new songs included will be ‘You, My Everything‘ – a track which premiered during the ‘Fire‘ episode of Skins 7, broadcasted in the UK on Tuesday.

Burn‘ is easily one of Goulding’s best tracks to date, and her decision to re-release ‘Halcyon‘ with some fresh material and a fresh sound will only enhance her success. Whilst the original set was good, adding some new material to the project will strengthen her catalogue and see her status rise on the UK pop scene.

Check out ‘Burn‘ and the dreamy ‘You, My Everything‘ below….

The standard edition of ‘Halcyon‘ is available to purchase now.


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