Bonnie McKee Releases Debut Single “American Girl”; Video Starring Katy Perry & Ke$ha

Meet Bonnie McKee: 23-year-old singer-songwriter is responsible for some of pop’s biggest songs in recent years. Working with everyone from Katy Perry to Christina Aguilera, she has been hiding in the shadows of the recording studio but is now finally ready to be at centre stage.

McKee has released her debut single ‘American Girl‘ which is an undeniably catchy pop song that could easily be 2013’s answer to ‘Call Me Maybe‘. Besides the generically brilliant lyrics and Dr. Luke‘s pure-pop production, the track is accompanied by a video which is sure to go viral.

Starring Katy PerryKe$haJason DeRuloJoan Rivers and Carly Rae Jepsen – to name a few – the video features numerous stars lip-syncing the red-head’s debut single. How did she manage to pull in all of the big names, you ask? Well, McKee is responsible for 4 of Perry‘s record-breaking 6 #1 singles from her 2010 album ‘Teenage Dream‘.

American Girl‘ is Bonnie’s first single to be released under Epic Records, and is available to download for free on the singer’s official website. Check it out, below…


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