NEW SONG: M.I.A – “Bring The Noize”


The release of M.I.A‘s fourth studio album ‘Matangi‘ may finally be upon us as its new lead single ‘Bring The Noize‘ premiered yesterday.

Premiering on Zane Lowe‘s radio show, M.I.A definitely brought the noise with the busy, club track. The high-tempo ‘Bring The Noize‘ is drastically different to last year’s chilled ‘Bad Girls‘. ‘Noize‘ hears M.I.A rap at a rapid pace as she, characteristically, vents her political frustration before coming to a soft conclusion which hears the 37-year-old try her hand at singing.

The chorus is centred around the line “bring the noise when we run upon them”, which most are suspecting M.I.A is firing back at her label Interscope. Last year, the label returned the rapper’s album twice – claiming it was “not dark enough”. Following the song’s premiere, last night, the rapper said that “if I didn’t get [‘Bring The Noize‘] out right now I definitely would have exploded”.

The 37-year-old also couldn’t give any notice of the album’s release date as it has not been given the green light yet. “I keep finishing the record, handing it in, finishing the record. handing it in.. This was my last stab at it. I’m going to hand it in and wait for it to go out the way albums go out.”

Here’s hoping we get ‘Matangi‘ sooner rather than later!

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